Online Meeting Management Software: Top Choices

Today’s software market offers quite a few working tools to perform all kinds of production tasks. Some of them are task-oriented, some are comprehensive platforms with many working tools. But most often users are looking for software to support company communication even when working remotely. Here is a short review of online meeting management software that will help you understand which products are trustworthy to users.

Best software choices for agenda management software and online meetings

Every year, experts and users rank the best software on a variety of metrics. As more and more customers around the world look for software that will be suitable for online meetings. So as not to distract your readers too much, we suggest going straight to an overview of the best online meeting software on the market today.


Surely there is no person in the world who has not heard of this program. Today it is the best option for organizing a virtual working space and holding meetings. This software is suitable for use in various business sectors and video conferencing. You can not only manage the meeting, but also monitor the process of its preparation, create publicly available agendas, exchange working files, and so on.

Cisco WebEx

This software remains quite popular among large representatives of the business. Its main advantages include:

  • A wide range of options for scheduling online meetings, including private virtual rooms;
  • Automatic recording of conferences and meetings;
  • Possibility to create templates for keeping corporate documentation;
  • Adaptation for any user device.

The benefits of the platform are not limited to these, as evidenced by its popularity around the world.


This is a virtual platform that provides quite a few useful working tools, which will be suitable primarily for non-profit organizations. Key features of the platform include:

  • Automatic agenda builder;
  • Shared virtual workspace;
  • Public file storage;
  • Tools for analytical data collection and reporting.

The platform can be used as a single work tool or in conjunction with other programs to maximize the efficiency of the company.

Lucid Meetings

This is a universal software solution that will suit companies of various business specifics and sizes. Its functionality includes not only the options necessary for organizing and conducting online meetings but also for other business tasks, such as working with documents, planning and tracking the results of the team, reporting, and so on. The platform provides the ability to automate some of the work tasks to relieve the workflow as a whole.


Software that needs no additional advertising. This is a relatively new software product from a well-known provider, but that has not stopped it from becoming one of the best solutions for companies. With the help of this software, you can seamlessly organize and conduct online meetings, even with a large number of participants. Tools of the program also give the chance to operatively exchange files, conduct group chats, automatically conduct records of meetings (including audio recordings), create ready templates of corporate documentation, and many other things.

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